Project Brief

This is where it begins. The prospective client will start by sharing with us details of what kind of video they want through the request a quote link. When requesting a quote, it’s important to have the following details in the brief. 

  • Project description.
  • Assets the client will provide.
  • Number of videos they want and of what duration (running time).
  • Timelines.
  • Budget (optional).


Based on the client’s project brief, we will prepare a proposal and a quote for the same. This will open doors for negotiations and agreement. We will start work once the client accepts our quote.

Non-Disclosure Agreement And Contract

When necessary, the Client and the Contractor(us) will sign a non-disclosure Agreement that details our commitment to deliver the services discussed on the terms agreed upon.  When both parties have signed it, we will begin work.


Script usually comes first unless it’s a videography project where a shoot plan will be required. We love when the client provides the script since they own the story. However, depending on the theme of the video, we can help you write the script.


This is optional. Overtime, we have realized that it takes less time to produce a video with just the script and video assets than when storyboard is included as part of the video production process. However, if the client is not limited on budget, why not? We do as they request. It’s important to note that storyboard attracts separate charges. 


We will source the professional voice over on clients behalf. They only need to specify the voice over they prefer. If its male, female, or kid. Also, the voice artists nationality e.g Kenyan, British, American e.t.c.  This is important as each nationality have their own accent.

This do not apply to videos that does not require voice overs.

Note: Clients have the liberty to audition and hire the voice over of their choice and send to us the final voice over recording ready for production.

Sampling Background Music

Does the client like to have a background music playing on their videos? Are they ready to pay for licenses to get one or are they ok to use free music? Whatever they choose, we will send them links to different sites for them to pick the one of their choices. If they don’t have time, we will help them do the sampling ourselves.

Getting Video Assets

This can be in form video footage or screencast videos. In this case, it should be discussed during the project brief. This usually comes last for screencast video projects. In videography, it comes after the script or storyboard.

Video Production

This is second last stage. It’s the stage that we assemble all the video assets together to create an easy to follow and understand videos that delivers the message.

Delivery and Revisions

Once the video is done, we will share it with the client. The first video is treated as first draft. In case the client wants revisions on the same videos, we will offer them revisions. If all is good, we will render and deliver the full quality video.


You can pay us on either of the following payment gateways.

 Paypal, Payoneer, BANK SWIFT transfer or MPESA.

Payment terms

Once the client has accepted our proposed quote, signed NDA and are happy to start work on the proposed project, we will prepare an invoice where we will request for a down payment of amount equals to 50% of the total cost of the project.

This is indicated in the NDA and contract agreement that we sign before. We will start work once the down payment is processed. The balance payment will be made once we deliver the final video to the satisfaction of the client.

Ready to start?