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The style in which an online marketing video is presented dictates the cost of a production. It’s therefore important to plan and choose wisely according to your budget.

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If you are new to video, don’t worry if the cost is high at the beginning because after getting your first video done, you will be way much ahead.

So how much does it cost to produce an online marketing video or a video ad?

Well it depends on the different components that the producer will need to create the video. Let’s call these pieces/components ‘ingredients.’

On this blogpost, I will share with you 5 video production expenses that one should expect when planning to produce an online video.

1. Video Script Cost

In 2022, script is everything when it comes to producing a video. It will take a lot of time and money to create a video with no script. For the best results, hire a freelance video script writer to write the script for you. On the other hand, you can have this done through a video production agency which is more cheaper.

Note: when you hire a Video Producer or a Video Production Agency to help produce your video, they will take full responsibility of your entire video production with your funding. You just share your idea and tell them to give you a quote for the production.

The cost of writing a video script will vary depending on the number of words, clients budget, and the proposed rate by the freelancer.

2. Video Assets Cost

With a video script in place, its easy to decide on the style of presentation the video will be. Video assets are components that are used to tell the story based on the script provided. The task of production is normally done by either a video editor, video creator, animator or all of them through collaboration.

Will you need videos to be shot? If yes, be prepared to cover the cost of video shooting.

Are you planning to do an animated video? The rates for animated video is a bit high compared to video editing. Also, if the video needs some animations done in some sections, you will have to pay for it separately.

How about royalty free videos and music? The cost for this is separate so have it in mind.

Another very important component in most video presentations is the voice over. Which voice over will you be using? Will you go for real or robotic/synthesized voice found online? The cost for each is different.

So, from the onset, discuss all these with the producer or the agency representative you are in contact with to avoid unprecedented inconveniences later.

3. Post-Production/Video Editing/Video Creation/Animation Cost

Post production costs can be divided into 4 tasks depending on the budget at hand. This are;

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  • Video Editing/Animation
  • Graphics Designs/3D Designs/Character Design
  • Sound Design/Sound Effects
  • Color Design/Color Correction

While the above tasks can be handled by one person, professionally, its supposed to be done by different persons with specialty. In todays world, based on demand, people specialize in these tasks. Some videos may require a combination of all of them. This means the cost will be high.

If one is working on a small budget, we recommend concentrating on a video that will require one task/one person to do the post production. E.g Video Editing, Video Animation.

Hiring a video production Agency or company with a team of freelance professionals who have specialized in these skills is a quite cheap and stress free compared to hiring each talent independently.

4. Commercial Rights/Creative Rights Cost

Have in mind that there is licensing for commercial and creative rights in any given production. While the original idea is yours, you may have to pay for creative rights or commercial rights for the video or for using some specific files like music, voice over or video. Its charged as a one off or as royalties depending on the agreement you have in place.

Read this article on Creative rights and commercial rights to understand more.

Cost is usually billed in percentage e.g 10% of the total cost of production. When you pay for this, you will have the full rights.

5. Video Snippet(s) Cost

If you have a social media page, you may want to have video snippets or image designs that directs people to your website to watch the main video. For movies, its usually ‘scenes‘ from the main movie. This is a service that is provided separately by a video production agency. When hiring a producer ask him/her how much it will cost to produce video snippets for posting on social media.

Its therefore important to consider the cost of producing video snippets when consulting with a video producer or a video production agency.


Video production can be expensive if you get into it without a plan. Have a plan and stick to it. Ask the Agency or the producer you are in contact with as many questions as you can. When you do so, you will be well informed.

And that is it from me here.

Is there any other important cost that clients should expect when consulting with a Producer or Agency? Share it in the comments section below.

Until next time, bye bye and take care.

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