Screencast Video Tutorials

Done with a Professional Voice over of your Choice!

Screencast Video Tutorials

Done with a Professional Voice over of your Choice!

It has always been a pleasure working with Techtube Videostudio. The quality of work is always high, and the level of professionalism is great. We look forward to working with them in the future.
Leen R. - Head of Training  

J5 International -South Africa
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Get High Quality Videos up to 4K in Resolution!

At Techtube Videostudio, we specialize in creating professional screencast video tutorials for your digital products or website. We also design and produce digital training videos. 
We are professionals when it comes to developing step by step training videos. We deliver them with professional international voice over of your choice of any accent.
Among the videos we produce include;
  1. Demo tutorial videos for websites and web hosted apps
  2. How to videos of windows and Mac software’s
  3. Android and iPhone app tutorials
  4. Digital game demos
  5. Real Product demos (Filming needed)
  6. Video editing
  7. Photo slideshows with video and graphics
  8. Animated explainers

Why hire us? 


We are experts. We take your project from start to finish. We are happy when you are happy.


We communicate promptly and offer unlimited revisions until you are 110% satisfied with your video project.

Team work

We work with a team of post-production editors who have perfected their art in video editing and animations.


We have perfected the process of scripting, recording, editing and producing screen-casts videos; it’s what we do every hour.

Audio Quality

We have a variety of Professional voice over talent to choose from both male and female with any accent. i.e American, Neutral, British and African.

They did a VERY good job. If you want to get the BEST videos ever, Techtube Video studio is the place to be. Thank you!

Sample Videos

Mobile App demo/tutorials

We do videos demonstrating how to use android, IOS or windows mobile applications

Digital E-course Development and Design

We create and design digital e-courses targeted at online consumers.

Powerpoint Slideshow Design and Conversion

We design professional powerpoint slideshow designs and convert them to video.

Screencast Video tutorials

We produce Professional ‘how to’ screencast video tutorials for windows applications and MAC.

Video Editing

We offer video editing services from simple editing to advanced.

Explainer/Whiteboard Animations

We create explainer and whiteboard videos and deliver in full HD.

Working With Us

We follow a set procedure of producing all the videos once you place an order.


Step 1

This is the first step we take after you contact us. At this stage, you will send to us a brief of what you want done including what you will provide to make the production successful.  If you have the information ready, just send us an e-mail and attach it. 


Step 2

Based on the consultation report, we will study the product that you want reviewed and come up with the script. If you already have the script, we will review the script alongside the product to ensure everything is in place.


Step 3

Once we confirm the script matches the product that we are developing video on, we will proceed and develop a storyboard alongside screenshots and share with you for approval. 

Voice over

Step 4

We will send you a list of voice over sample demos for you to choose one from it. We will have the voice over recorded once you make your choice of  voice talent.

Video Content development

Step 5

We do this while voice over recording is getting done. Here we record the video content for use in production. 


Step 6

Once we have all video content in place we will then proceed over and merge it together with the voice over and produce the video in Full H.D 1080p.  


Step 7

We deliver the videos via google-drive or dropbox.


Step 8

You are allowed 1-2 days to review the content and send your feedback in case you need revisions done on the videos which we will gladly do. 

Techtube Studio did an excellent job. Not only was the videos they delivered was of high quality, but he was also very responsive to feedback and provided new versions of the video quickly. For my next video jobs I will definitely go to them again!
Joachim Zuckarelli - Training Consultant

About us

Techtube graphic

Techtube videostudio is a fully-fledged video production studio based in Nairobi Kenya.

It was started in the year 2013 after successfully producing 1000 video tutorials for This project was offered via Elance site currently Upwork.

While working on the project we noted the growing demand for screencast instructional videos service by software/app developers, IT professionals and website owners.

Even though anyone can record and produce a screencast video using free tools available online-most of them don’t come out well in the desired quality because of the following reasons;

  1. Editing is poorly done hence the video is too long and hard to understand
  2. The quality of the video output is low due to poor understanding on rendering settings
  3. The voice may not have been captured well by the system and thus not audible. 

These among other reasons inspired the set up of Techtube Video Studio Agency. Since then, we have helped over 1000 clients online produce professional instructional videos. We aim to adjust to the requirements of our everyday customers.

Special Requests

If you are having a special request for video services, do not hesitate to get in touch. We will be glad to help. While placing your request on e-mail, be very clear on what you want us to do for you. Click on the link below to place you request.